Local Law No. 5 of 2015

A local law “to amend the Town of Tyre Zoning Law in relation to amending Article II, Section 2.202 and Article XI, Section 11.1102, and enacting a new Article II, Section 2.202.2, Planned Unit Development District.”

Resolution adopted October 1, 2015

Resolution of the Town Board for the Town of Tyre making a determination of significance under the state environmental quality review act relating to (a) the application of Lago Resort & Casino, LLC to create a planned unit development district for the Lago Resort and Casino project (“project”), (b) the proposed development plan for the project, (c) proposed local law no. 5 of 2015 to amend the Town of Tyre zoning law, (d) the proposed site plan for project, and (e) a proposed community mitigation plan submitted by Lago Resort &Casino, LLC concerning the project.