Economic Development

Developing within Tyre, NY

The Town of Tyre is a rural community with no villages or cities.  However, the town does have zoning designed to manage development in an orderly manner.  The whole town is a state-designated Agricultural District that requires the town to not restrict certain aspects of agricultural operation. A citizen survey carried out 2008 demonstrated the strong desire by the town residents to keep it rural and limit both residential and commercial development.

However, with the permitting of the del Lago Resort and Casino a quarter mile north of Tyre’s exit (Exit 41) on the NYS Thruway, the town was able to implement it newly minted Comprehensive Plan.  Del Lago was a gamechanger and through its partnership and support of the Community Mitigation Plan, Tyre also had the ability to revise its zoning law, create a masterplan for the commercial development in the Route 414 & 318 corridor, and create construction standards for roads and commercial development.  Funds resulting from Community Mitigation Plan along with the town’s state-mandated share of the gaming tax generated by del Lago provided a unique opportunity to fund these new initiatives, hire professional staff to support town operations, improved roads, construct a first-ever municipal building all while reducing property taxes by 75%. 

Tyre’s has two zoning districts available for development.  Commercial West includes Magee Corners, along State Route 414 from approximately two-thirds of a mile north of NYS Thruway Exit 41 to approximately a mile south of the exit.  It also extends along State Route 318 from a quarter-mile west of Magee Corners to approximately from a third of a mile east of Magee Corners.  Commercial East starts at the five corners intersection of US Route 20, and State Routes 5, 89 and 318 and extends 1.3 miles westward along State Route 318.  Commercial West is planned for full commercial development that supports thruway travelers and visitors to the Finger Lakes and del Lago with hotels, restaurants and associated commerce.  Commercial East is envisioned as more local businesses with an emphasis on agriculture and regional commerce.

In the Documents section please find Tyre’s development documents including the 2015 Tyre Comprehensive Plan, the 2018 revised Zoning Law, and the Routes 414 & 318 Commercial Corridor Master Plan (2018).

With the assistance of Seneca County, municipal water and sewer are available in most of Commercial West.  A water line extension to Commercial East is under consideration.  High-speed broadband (cable and some fiber) is now available in about 70% of the town and wireless broadband covers most of the remaining town.

Parties interested in the potential development of businesses in the town are encouraged to contact the Town Zoning Officer, Seneca County Department of Planning and Community Development, or the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency.