Town Clerk / Registrar

Carolyn Sosnowski

1082 Gravel Road
Seneca Falls NY 13148

Phone (315) 651-7808

Office Hours: Saturdays 9-11am
**Effective April 13, 2023, office hours will
change to Thursdays 5:15 – 7:15pm**
* Other hours available by appointment,
please call (315) 651-7808

The town clerk (or municipal clerk) handles a multitude of tasks that involve keeping an accurate record of various activities within a town. The amount of work a town clerk’s office deals with is usually quite extensive.

Responsibilities include recording of town board meeting minutes; swearing-in of elected and appointed officials; issuing dog licenses; safe-keeping of all official town certificates (birth, death, marriage) as well as the issuing of burial permits.