Planning Board Alternate Member Vacancy

The Tyre Planning Board seeks an interested citizen of the Town of Tyre and is of voting age who wishes to serve as an alternative member of the Planning Board.  This is a new position in which the Alternate Member will vote on actions by the Board when a regular member of the Planning Board is absent.  The Alternate Member is expected to attend all meetings of the Planning Board (usually monthly on the 4th Tuesday) and remain up to date on agenda items.  As with regular members, the Alternate Member is required to complete four (4) hours of training annually.  This is a paid position with annual compensation of $1,300.  Citizens interested in issues dealing with the future development of the Town of Tyre and wishing to serve this community are encouraged to seek additional information and make their interest known by contacting Ms Karen Birch, Administrative Assistant in the Town of Tyre, at 315 835-0206 or

Zoning Board of Appeals Vacancy

The Tyre Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has a vacancy and seeks a volunteer who is a Town of Tyre resident of voting age and has interest in being appointed to the ZBA.  The ZBA meets on an “as-needed” basis whenever an application made to Tyre Zoning Code Officer is denied and the applicant choses of challenge that decision.  The ZBA considers the decision appeal and makes a determination either in favor of the applicant or the Town based on guidelines established by the State of New York.  The position is voluntary but does require a minimum of four (4) hours of training annually.  Persons interested in serving their community and seeking additional information or wishing to apply should contact Ms Karen Birch, Administrative Assistant in the Town of Tyre, at 315 835-0206 or

Band Hall Committee Seeks More Members

The Tyre Band Hall Committee seeks more members to help in the final outfitting of the Band Hall, located at 616 Lamb Road, Seneca Falls, NY 13148, as a community center and event facility for citizen of Tyre.  The final stages of redevelopment of the Band Hall are being completed, but use activities (e.g. euchre games, community parties, scheduled use by individuals or families) guidelines, rules and acceptable uses need to be developed.  The committee also monitors the building use.  The committee meets on an as needed basis.  Any Tyre citizen interested in joining the committee or seeking more information should contact Ms Karen Birch, Administrative Assistant in the Town of Tyre, at 315 835-0206 or

Dog Licensing

Dog Licensing application forms are available for pick up at the municipal building (1082 Gravel Road) Monday-Thursday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. or can be found on this website in the ‘Forms’ section.  Completed forms, rabies certification from vet and exact payment or check can be dropped off here between these hours and license will be mailed to owners.  (Copies can be made as needed.)

The Town Clerk can be contacted at 315-651-7808 for individual appointments.