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Town Supervisor
The town supervisor primarily acts as a member of the legislative branch of town government and possesses limited authority as leader of the town board. The town board is responsible for administering and deciding on all legislative and executive concerns, and its members are elected along with the town supervisor. The Town Supervisor presides over town board meetings and is also responsible for the town's finances by acting as the fiscal officer. The Town Supervisor represents the town at the county level as well.
Ronald F. McGreevy Ronald F. McGreevy

1907 West Tyre Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9730
phone: (315) 835-0206
fax: (315) 651-5507
E-mail Ronald

Town Clerk / Registrar
The town clerk (or municipal clerk) handles a multitude of tasks that involve keeping an accurate record of various activities within a town. The amount of work a town clerk's office deals with is usually quite extensive.

Responsibilities include recording of town board meeting minutes; swearing in of elected and appointed officials; issuing dog licenses; safe-keeping of all official town certificates (birth, death, marriage) as well as the issuing of burial permits.

Carolyn Sosnowski

1082 Gravel Road
Seneca Falls NY 13148
phone: (315)651-7808
* Hours by Appointment

Zoning Enforcement Officer
The Town of Tyre adopted its Zoning Law as Local Law #1 of 1991 on July 18, 1991.

This Law was adopted to promote the health, safety, comfort, convenience, prosperity and other aspects of the general welfare of the Town of Tyre and its citizens.

Specifically, this Law provides for Planned Use and Development of the Town by Action of its Citizenry.

Except as may otherwise be provided in this Law, no building, structure, or land shall hereafter be used or occupied and no building, structure or part of a building shall hereafter be erected, reconstructed, altered or relocated unless in conformity with the regulations specified in this Law for the district in which it is located.

Please also note that a Town of Tyre Zoning Permit for your project may not be the only Permit that is required. Seneca County may also require a Building Permit.

Craig Reynolds

Tyre Municipal Building,
1082 Gravel Road
Seneca Falls NY 13148
phone: (315) 835-0206

For further information please call (315) 539-1950. Someone will be happy to help you ascertain whether a County Permit is required.


Courts / Town Justices
A judge has many responsibilities, which include interpreting the law, managing multiple legal cases, hearing motions and deciding verdicts.

(315) 539-3690, Press 1 for Court

If you receive a traffic ticket, please read it and follow the directions. Plea Guilty or Not Guilty and mail to the Court.

Larry Mills

Tyre Municipal Building,
1082 Gravel Road
Seneca Falls NY 13148
Court Number: (315) 835-0043
Court Fax: (315) 651-6241
E-mail Judge Mills

Kathy Jans-Duffy

Tyre Municipal Building,
1082 Gravel Road
Seneca Falls NY 13148
Court Number: (315) 835-0043
Court Fax: (315) 651-6241
E-mail Judge Jans-Duffy

Highway Department
Highway Department
The Town of Tyre Highway Department's responsibilities fall into three major categories: highway maintenance, snow and ice control, and general maintenance of town owned open space.
  • Highway Maintenance
  • Snow and Ice Control
  • Town Owned Open Space
Bob Eddington

6713 Lamb Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9747
phone: (315)-209-5291

Department Office

Highway Department
614 Lamb Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9747
phone: (315) 568-8584

Planning Board
The duties of the Town Planning Board are to review site plans, special use permits and housing developments for compliance with environmental regulations, conformance with the Town's comprehensive plan and to safeguard the future growth of our community through a balance between commercial, industrial and residential uses.


Unless the Planning Board provides notice of a different meeting date, time and location: Tyre Planning Board meets on the 4th Tuesday each month at 6:30pm at the Tyre Municipal Building, located at 1695 Route 318, Waterloo, New York
(0.4 miles west of the State Routes 318 and 414 intersection.)

Meeting Minutes:

Current Year - 2019

Past Years







Joint Town and Planning Board Meeting Minutes:

Robert C. Seem

2445 Traver Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9751
phone: (315) 568-5637

Alan Smith

2613 Durling Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9713
phone: (315) 568-5422

Lawrence J. Kesel

1234 Middle Black Brook Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9748
phone: (315) 568-5330

Deborah J. Geary

1175 Middle Black Brook Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9753
phone: (315) 568-6180

Kenneth L. Hauenstein

703 Gravel Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9748
phone: (315) 568-6030

Karen Thomson

475 County Rd.
105A Savannah, NY 13146-9523
phone: (315) 365-2639

Henry Bickel

1433 Black Brook Rd.
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
phone: (315) 651-7975

Zoning Board of Appeals
The Zoning Board of Appeals has a number of duties and responsibilities. Those duties include: zoning interpretation, overturning interpretations made by the Code Enforcement Officer and the Zoning Board itself, approve special uses, grant variances, granting approval for building within the bed of mapped roads, granting of temporary uses and home occupation permits.

Town of Tyre Zoning Law [pdf]


Zoning Board of Appeals meets as required.

Zoning Maps of Tyre:

Planned Unit Development
Zoning Map, June 2014 [pdf]
PUD Zoning Map

Previous Zoning Map
Zoning Map of Tyre
[click to enlarge]
Richard Damaske

752 Gravel Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9750
phone: (315) 568-6383
E-mail Richard

Daniel L. Brand

566 Lamb Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-0482
Phone: (315) 729-7837

Beverly Smith

2613 Durling Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9713
phone: (315) 568-5422

Neil Worden

713 Middle Black Brook Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9737
phone: (315)-651-2644

Charlene Verkey

2345 West Tyre Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9743
Phone: (315) 651-5707

Town Attorney
The purpose of the town attorney’s office is to provide effective and efficient legal services, promote accountability, trust and openness in government, and focus on outcomes that are fair, equitable and balanced while protecting the best interests of the client.
Charles Shaffer

47 W. Bayard Street
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-1920
phone: (315) 568-9479
fax: (315) 568-6370

Town Assessor
The assessor's duties are specified in New York State Real Property Tax Law and generally focus on the maintenance of up-to-date inventory records used for the valuation of real property within the Town of Tyre. The assessor prepares an annual assessment roll, which is used to distribute the tax liability due from each parcel.
- Residential Sales/Assesments (.pdf)
Philip GriswoldPhilip Griswold

1310 Gassner Road
Waterloo, NY 13165-9418
phone: (315) 539-2711
fax: (315) 546-2355
E-mail Philip

Dog Control Officer
Duties of the dog control officer include seizing and impounding stray and dangerous dogs. They also receive and answer complaints from the public regarding dog nuisances using state statutes and local ordinances and laws as a guide. They issue appearance summons and arrest warrants and participates in court proceedings including the preparation of reports and providing information, testimony, and evidence. They also enforce quarantine laws and orders applicable to dogs. They investigate reports of cruelty to animals and reports sick or injured animals to veterinarians for corrective action.
Dallyn Jenkins

50 East River St.
Waterloo, NY 13165
phone: (315) 539-9357
E-mail Dallyn


Tax Collector
The Tax Collector's Office is responsible for the collection of property taxes Town of Tyre parcels. All powers and duties of this office, as well as collection procedures, are statutory and defined in the New York State Real Property Tax Law.
Cathy Doyle

1673 Strong Road
Waterloo, NY 13165
phone: (315) 539-3027
E-mail Cathy

Town Historian
Every city, town and village is required to have a local historian, whose primary responsibility is to obtain and disseminate historical knowledge of the municipality. In addition town historians are required to promote the establishment and improvements of programs for the management and preservation of government records with enduring value for historical or other research; encourage the coordinated collection and preservation on nongovernmental historical records. The town historian may also research and write facets of the town's history; make presentations and educate the public on issues of local and regional history; preservation of buildings, manuscripts and records that document a town's past and identify historic structures and places of historical significance. The emphasis that the historian will place on each of these duties is discretionary and will vary with each town historian.
Kathy Jans-Duffy

1315 Middle Black Brook Road
Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9756
phone: (315) 568-9417
fax: (315) 568-1221
E-mail Kathy

Fire Service
The Magee Fire Dept. was created November 22, 1948. We provide Fire & Rescue protection for the Town of Tyre and the Seneca County section of the New York State Thruway. We operate with four trucks out of two firehouses in the Town of Tyre with our main station being at the intersection of State highway 318 & State highway 414.
Kathy Jans-DuffyMagee Fire Dept.

1807 Route 318
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
non-emergency: (315) 568-9417
emergency: 911



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